Do You Dare Drink?

August 16, 2014



When I first started searching for answers about healthily living over 10 years ago, it was as if I was looking for the holy grail, the Truth. And in that time I found out so much I became a fanatic about everything that I used. However, over the years I have mellowed out – not because what I learned was incorrect, but because unless I move to a self-sustaining organic farm in the middle of… New Zealand, perhaps? I still need to function in this modern society. Instead of being driven by fear, I do what I can to keep my family healthy in a way that is practical to everyday living.

This article says lemon water served in restaurants is full of disgusting germs including faecal bacteria, E.coli and thrush – no laughing matter. Yet the solution they offer is to choose bottled water or a clean jug of fresh tap water with no lemon or ice. Both are not options for me because (a) the plastic of bottled water is said to contain phthalates which, especially in the heat, leak into the water. Not to mention the additional waste it creates for our landfills. And I think I can safely assume that people in HK would agree with me that the words ‘clean’ + ‘jug’ and ‘fresh’ + ‘tap water’ don’t apply to most HK restaurants.

What I do to keep my family safe AND sane is using stainless steel water bottles to carry water from home. There’s a whole other discussion on the safety of stainless steel, but that doesn’t fit into my ‘safe and sane’ criteria so I’ll leave that one be for now (do I need to bring my own drinking fountain or Brita filter with me when I go out??), and trust that if I had to choose between plastics with phthalates or reusable stainless steel, the latter should be the lesser of two evils for love of my family and the planet earth.