New Stage, New Life, New Page

August 10, 2014

Since leaving corporate life in 2009, I have consciously kept my two work lives – Evie Beauté and Evie Consulting – completely separate, if only for the practical reason of avoiding confusion among clients.

In my mind, I was clear from the start that both served the same purpose – to inspire change, shift minds and build success, however each person defined it. Evie Beauté did this with a promise of effectiveness, quality and trust to bring out each person’s innate beauty through skincare products. Evie Consulting did this by creating practical, inspirational experiences through training and public speaking.

I never planned to be an entrepreneur. After 10 years of a fulfilling career, I only left the corporate world once I learned what it was that I had to give to others, and at the same time realised that I couldn’t share this in any meaningful way in a corporate setting – the right platform simply didn’t exist. However clichéd, it was truly with the belief that ‘Life is too short’ and ‘Be the change you want to see’, I decided to create my own platform. Over the past 5 years I have watched myself and my two Evies grow as together we faced different challenges, and I know that now, finally, we are ready to take the next step. With this new chapter, I am bringing all three of us together. As part of this I have chosen to take on the new name ‘Natalie’ to christen this new chapter of my life. I hope you will enjoy my sharing of this journey with you ~